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The Best Kept Secret in Wine:

Try BEFORE You Buy

Great Wine Starts At Home

Wine should be a staple in our kitchens. After all, nothing prepares you for a delicious meal like wine does.

With just one sip, the silky tannins and crisp acidity wake up your palette and literally get your mouth watering, eagerly anticipating a bite of what's on your plate.

When paired well, the flavors in the food mingle with the aromas and flavors in the wine, resulting in a completely satisfying dining experience you can have at your kitchen table every night.

It's why I focus so much on food pairings at my private tasting events, and why some of my favorite conversations happen in the wine aisle at the grocery store.

The woman I find myself chatting with most often is looking for something to drink with dinner or to take the edge off a long day. (Often both.)

She finds the flowery descriptions on the labels colorful but unhelpful; the string of fruits and "notes" of this or that doesn't exactly hit the spot for her. She ultimately shrugs it off and takes a chance that she'll like what's in the bottle.

If she does, great! She'll know what to look for next time--but that's a good way to get in a rut and miss out on a whole world of wines that she might really love.

Of course if she doesn't like it, she's wasted both time and money. So I'll tell you what I tell her:

Next time, try before you buy...without ever leaving your house!

The best way to buy wine is when you get to try it first. When you book an in-home wine tasting with me, you and up to 20 of your favorite people will get to taste wines from all over the world while getting cozy on your couch or hanging out in your kitchen.

Here's how it works:

  • I'll choose 5 bottles specifically tailored to your preferences and/or event theme and bring them to your house for free.
  • We'll pop the corks and I'll show you, step by step, how to taste the story inside each bottle.
  • Using fun demonstrations, I'll show you how to get more of your senses playing together to get the full experience of the wine, without all the pretension.
  • You'll learn simple food pairing tips that'll transform everyday recipes into meals worth slowing down to savor. (I'm looking at you, meatloaf.)
  • Once you get a taste for what you like and why you like it, ordering from a wine list becomes way less intimidating (and you become an even more captivating date:).
Your private tasting is an unforgettable event on its own, but you can also book one to liven up a traditional book club, housewarming, neighborhood block party, moms' group, girls' night in...just about any excuse you can think of to catch up and unwind with your wine-loving friends.

Your Free Guided Wine Tasting is Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Pick a Date. When's a good time to reconnect with your favorite people? Reserve your date on the interest form and we'll get this party started.
  2. Pick a Theme. Once your event is on the calendar we'll discuss which wines I'll feature at your event. This is where we get creative! I'll grab BBQ-friendly wines for an end-of-summer blowout, or a decadent flight to pair with your leftover Halloween candy. From Girl Scout Cookie pairings to Super Bowl parties, I've got a wine for that!
  3. Pick your Friends. Once we've got a plan, I'll create your invitations. All you need to do is extend them to your nearest & dearest, and get ready to have an amazing time!
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