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Sip, Sip, Hooray!

You Sold a House Today!

With every open house, you planted seeds of success.

You nurtured relationships and watched them grow.

Shaking hands at closing, you savored the fruits of your labor.

You work hard to get your clients--now keep those connections from dying on the vine with the ultimate closing gift: wine.

I love real estate agents. Like, so much that I tried to be one.

(It did not go well.)

Until I got licensed, I had no idea how much agents do for their prospects, clients, and colleagues!


The incredible amount of time you spend putting out fires, handling all the migraine-inducing minutiae, and communicating back and forth with dozens of people on your clients' behalf is insane...and that's after tons of hours and dollars spent networking and prospecting and getting your name out there just to get the client in the first place. Holy cow, are you underappreciated!


Maybe the most unexpected realization for me, though, was how often and how aggressively people try to sell to you.


On top of everything else you've got going on, you have to answer a bunch of cold calls every day from sales reps promising to optimize your Facebook page with video or pitching the latest & greatest CRM system to foster client loyalty...and all with a hefty price tag.

But what if I told you there's a better way to optimize your business and build a loyal client base while saving money (and time, and hassle) on something you're likely buying already?

Wine is Good for Business

Wine is a classic gift that's universally loved by your clients and colleagues.


With me as your personal wine guide, you can use it to create a referral-based business filled with loyal clients and fellow agents who are eager to co-broke deal after deal with you.

When you subscribe to our convenient, flexible wine club, you'll always have unique, hard-to-find wines on hand to give to or enjoy with clients, colleagues, and friends.

With curated reds and whites hand-selected by our expert panel of wine critics, you can adventurously explore the world of wine from the best vineyards in Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America and right here at home without ever leaving your house! Your wines arrive every other month with tasting notes to guide you, recipes to whet your appetite, and recommended food pairings to enhance the entire experience.

Not only will you save money with the discounted wines and surprisingly low shipping costs, but you'll save the time and inconvenience of those "quick trips" to the liquor store on the way to a closing, that almost always end with you feeling overwhelmed by all the options and underwhelmed by the customer service.

Savor Exclusive Wines, Your Way

As auto-ship services like BarkBox and Blue Apron become more and more popular, this is one that you'll have complete control of.


Just like your buyers have their own MLS portal, you'll have your own customer portal (only we don't get to spy on you to see which wines you're browsing ;-). You get a personal dashboard where you can manage your account, find recipes to satisfy your cravings and ideal food pairing ideas for the selections you receive, and check out fellow wine lovers' reviews and suggestions.


You'll be notified before each order ships in case you want to make adjustments or add on extra goodies. And of course you can cancel at any time.

The Gift that Keeps On Giving (Back to YOU!)

Our wine club is an even sweeter treat when you gift a subscription to your clients.

Back when I was trying to establish myself as an agent, my goal was to have a 100% referral-based business. I wanted to build my SOI wide and deep; to have real relationships with my clients and for them to delight in sending their friends and family to me.

Immediately after I became a wine guide, I saw the potential for agents to do precisely that with wine--without investing nearly as much time, money, and effort as most currently are to build and nurture their sphere. Think about it for a minute:

If your business became more referral-based, would you still need to drop everything to respond within 5 minutes to an internet lead before it rolls to a competitor?


If you built a solid base of loyal, repeat clients and had intimate access to their personal networks, would you need to spend so much money on advertising to the masses?


If potential clients were seeking you out because you've got the built-in credibility that comes from a glowing testimonial from a past client, could you spend less time chasing leads and competing for their business?

You're On Top Of Your Game.

You Should Be Top Of Mind.

There's no question that a wine club subscription is a fantastic gift in itself, but because our wines ship every other month, you'll linger in that sweet spot of "TOMA" (top of mind awareness) long after the contracts are signed.

Imagine the impact that receiving unique, exclusive wines at their door every other month, compliments of their superstar realtor, will have on your clients.

Maybe they invite their friends or new neighbors over to share a bottle they just received. Naturally they mention what a generous gift you gave them to celebrate their home, after you worked so hard to secure the best deal for them promptly and painlessly. Now you've got a huge advantage over any other agent they might otherwise have considered, because you have instant credibility with a warm lead that you didn't have to sit at an open house all day waiting for. #agentgoals

Set Yourself Apart By Bringing People Together

In addition to delighting your clients, wine can help you stand out as an innovator among your peers as well.

You've got a network of "guys," right? People that you trust to take care of things that come up during the buying & selling process; a home inspector guy, insurance guy, mortgage guy, title guy, contractor guy, etc.


Well now you have a wine guy (me!), and I've got lots of ideas on how you can leverage my private and corporate wine tasting events to create strong connections with professionals within your industry who'll look for opportunities to work with you. Here are just a few:

  • Broker Opens. That premier listing you're eager to promote? Think of the boost in attendance offering a wine tasting at a broker open could have.
  • Builder Relations. The new construction market is crazy hot where I live--consider co-sponsoring a preview event/wine tasting at one of the models.
  • Client Appreciation. Reconnect with past clients and maybe show off a new listing at the same time with an invitation-only wine & cheese party/open house.
  • First Time Home Buyers. Educate renters on the benefits of homeownership by hosting a tasting at an upscale apartment complex.
  • Lunch & Learn. The sugary goodies mortgage brokers and title agents bring to your office are great, but wouldn't your coworkers love it if you brought in a wine guide to spice up the typical vendor meeting, showing you all how to turn wine into referrals?

As I mentioned before, I love agents and I'm all about helping you succeed because I know firsthand how hard your job actually is and how much care you put into it.

Intimate, in-home tasting events are my specialty, so please reach out to me if you're interested in working together on a special event.

Cheers to your future full of "clear to close!"

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