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Make Money and Meaning

Picture this...


It's Monday morning. You come home from taking the kids to school, grab your laptop, and get ready to start your work day.


Feeling focused and purposeful (thanks to the few minutes you spent last night preparing for the whole week), you start happily checking off your to-do list:

  • Study up on the wines you'll present at this Friday's event
  • Chat with a customer about some delicious recipe ideas you put together for her wine club selections
  • Follow up with a recent guest that you had an instant connection with who's interested in doing what you do

After engaging with your social media tribe, you unplug and go out for a coffee run to beat the midday slump. You run into a mom friend and learn that her birthday is coming up. You suggest hosting a chill poolside wine party at her home and she's all for it!


After you get her event on your calendar and say your goodbyes, you swing by the chic clothing boutique next door to say hi to the owner and refill your stack of business cards that she generously shares with all her customers. As one of your happiest hosts who knows everyone in town, she's your best unpaid salesperson!


By the time you pull into the car rider line at school, you're feeling energized and gratified by work that actually feels good to do. You're looking forward to all the great events you have planned this month--not only because they all involve wine (and who doesn't love that?!), but because each event always leads to the next adventure that you could've never seen coming. Each time, you meet someone or hear of an opportunity, or get a new idea that fuels your business and your purpose, making every step of the journey incredibly fulfilling.


In those quiet moments while you wait for your littles, you realize how much you've blossomed professionally and personally in the short time since launching your wine business, and feel proud of yourself for not giving up on your dream of owning a thriving business on your terms--even after (especially after) those other opportunities let you down in the past.


I love that this is how I get to spend my days as a wine guide.

And it's so simple: I introduce people I might not otherwise get to meet, to unique wines they might not otherwise know they love, for a living.

I educate guests, in my own easy-going, fun-loving way, on how to appreciate wine and how to get the most flavorful, high-quality, and high-value experience...all while making meaningful connections and friendships in the process.

From home.

Around my kids' schedules.

As a single mom.

Sound like something you'd be into?

Maybe you'd like to bring in some extra money to pay off debt or take a family vacation.

Maybe you're new in town and want the coolest way ever to network and make new friends while saving money on something you're buying anyway.

Or maybe you're like me and want to create an entire career on your own terms and schedule, so you can rule the world while the kids are in school and be completely present for them when they're home.

Regardless of your ultimate goal, if you love wine personally, I can show you how to make it work for you professionally.

When you become my partner in wine, here's what you get:

Complete Success Kit

Your new adventure officially begins when you purchase your success kit, which comes loaded with wine, cool wine accessories, marketing materials, order forms, and killer training aides that walk you through the ins and outs of wine and wine tastings.

So you absolutely do not have to be a wine expert to do this business! You will have everything you need to get started and begin confidently clinking with your guests in no time.

High-Quality Training

While you're waiting for your success kit to arrive, you'll have immediate access to step-by-step training videos and resources on exactly how to build your wine empire from home. Everything is on-demand, but I'll recommend the courses and timeframe that'll help you hit the ground running. In your first 3 weeks, you'll learn:

  • Wine Basics
  • Hosting Successful Tasting Events
  • Customer Follow-up
  • Backoffice Support
  • Marketing
  • Order Management
  • Marketing Fees (how you get paid)
  • Rules & Regulations

Personalized Coaching

It's critical to keep your goals in front of you and have an accountability system in place in order to be successful at anything in life. In addition to 1:1 coaching with me, you'll be surrounded by a community of thriving professionals who'll provide you with the mentorship, guidance, and support you need to create a successful business.

Win the Week Action Plan
Discipline and accountability used to strike fear into my free-spirited heart! That is, until I committed to spending 30 minutes every Sunday night on my Win the Week action plan.

This 1-page game plan will help ensure your success by keeping your goals in front of you and reminding you why you started. You can even email your plan to me each week so I can offer feedback and guidance on our monthly calls. You'll love looking back on these and seeing yourself grow!


Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call
Once your training is complete, we'll schedule a 30-minute coaching call. This is your time to reflect on the previous 3 weeks, set a compelling goal for the next month, and make adjustments as needed. We're going for progress, not perfection here!

These calls during your initial 90 days will help you stay connected, motivated, and on top of your game, as we work together to identify niches and work habits that best suit your unique personality and talents.

A special note for anyone who's struggled through those rah-ray-type weekly sales meetings: This is NOT a review of how many people you talked to or how much you sold or booked or didn't...honestly I have zero interest in your numbers. My focus is on YOU, uncovering your innate genius, and helping you leverage that into a prosperous business.

Private Partner Forum
Get 24/7 mentoring, guidance, and support from people who've done what you're aiming to do.

When you join our private online community, you become part of something bigger than yourself. You'll have conversations with fellow guides and leaders who are there to encourage you, answer your questions, and offer sage advice. You'll get to see how others are running their businesses and take away what's useful and inspiring to you.

Company Events

Monthly Mastermind Call
Grab a glass and dial in to hear leaders share company announcements, recognize outstanding achievements, and inspire you for the month ahead.

Regional Meetings
Held in select locations throughout the country, leaders organize regional meetings to provide training and networking opportunities. It's a great way to kick off each new harvest season with all the tips, tools, and training you need to crush your goals and savor your success.

Annual Conference
Each year, set aside a few days for professional training and development, outstanding keynote speakers, celebrations of recognition and achievements, top-secret company announcements, and networking with wine guides from all over the country. You'll leave inspired, invigorated, and empowered with tools, resources, and knowledge that'll elevate your business and your life.

Time, Location, and Financial Independence

This is your business, on your terms--I'm just here to guide, support, and encourage you. You work when, where, and how you want, part time or full time--it's totally up to you.

And you can enjoy even more freedom with NO sales quotas to meet, NO inventory to maintain, and NO personal order requirements to fulfill each month.

A Network of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
Community and vendor events are wonderful opportunities to build and expand your network to find ideas and motivation for your business. You can connect with new people and brands with opportunities to communicate with their audiences and cross-promote your business. Win-win!

Take a Bold First Step

Got a little curiosity buzz yet? Let's talk! I've set aside 30 minutes for us to chat, to get a feel for one another over the phone and discuss where you want to go and if this is the right vehicle to get you there.

*Please note that my "pitch" exists entirely on this page, so when we chat the only thing I intend to sell you on is your own awesomeness. Ideally, you'll identify one big goal and I'll suggest 3 small steps to achieve it. Whether we ever work together or not, you'll hang up with a clearer idea of what you're after and how to get it.

If it turns out this wine thing is your jam and you want to proceed with me, I'll walk you through everything you need to get started.

On the other hand...

If you're a lurker (like me!) and you've done your due diligence on my product partner's website and you're ready to get started right away, here's my personal invitation for you to join my team.

Once you're in, you'll get an email from me with your training schedule, Win the Week action plan, and your choice of times for our first 1:1 coaching call. And that's when the fun really begins!

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