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Let Them Eat Cake!

...and let yourself sip wine

Between my son’s birthday last week and the holidays coming up, I’ve got cake on the brain!

Naturally I want to have a drink in my hand (because doesn’t every woman look classy holding a glass of wine?), so I’ve put together 5 cake + wine pairings that’ll make your special even even sweeter.

Chocolate Cake + Primitivo (Zinfandel)

This romantic red has ample intensity to balance rich chocolate (or silky red velvet) indulgences. Try 2016 Ama Sempre Primitivo $18.99 

Vanilla Cake + Rose

A cheerful sweet rosé picks up right where the buttercream icing you licked off your fingers leaves off. Try Double Date Sweet Rosé $14.99

Carrot Cake + Riesling

The spicy sweetness of a cream cheese-iced carrot cake balances the bright crispness of a California Riesling beautifully. Try 2016 Calamity Sue Riesling $17.99

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake + Sweet Red Blend

When I was a kid there was a little bakery in the mall that had these giant decorated cooking on display and they looked soooo good. For my birthday next month, I’m finally going to buy one for myself and clink with my favorite redhead. Cheers to 38 years! Try Fissata Sweet Red $17.99

Cheesecake + Sweet White Blend

A no-frills, simple cheesecake becomes a special occasion when eaten between sips of peach, white flowers, mandarin oranges, and melon. Try Fissata Blonde Fizzy White $18.99

Now don’t forget--you can get 4-5 glasses out of one bottle (unless you’re my mom, she gets a solid 2), and I generally suggest to get 1 bottle per person. Keep this in mind as you plan your celebrations and holiday festivities.

Are you planning a gathering soon? What’s on the menu? Make me hungry/thirsty and share with me on Facebook!

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